The War of 2020

We look back at 2020 and its challenges across the world

In only 9 months things have changed globally.

The Coronavirus in many ways have affected every single person living on this planet. Many of us have lost loved ones and many of us have been infected ourselves and recovered. 2020 is indeed a year for the record books.

Politically, financially, economically and, emotionally we have all been affected.

From a political perspective, we have seen a president lose an election due to his lack of urgent response in the United States. President Donald Trump could have possibly won the US Election which was held just over a month ago, had he and his government managed the pandemic better and saved American lives. The Covid-19 Pandemic and the president’s lack of response was in essence the final nail which ended his one term presidency.

Financially, many across the world have felt the strain due to various lockdown restrictions imposed by countries. The restrictions also came with added strain to small to medium sized enterprises as many were forced to restructure and many employees found themselves without work. This has highlighted the plight of the disimpoverished and poor amongst us as many have joined the ranks of the unemployed and underprivileged in society.

From an economic perspective, many countries have had to make tough decisions on whether to save lives or save their economies. Some of those who chose their people over the economy are now faced with economic turmoil. Countries like South Africa, with its already stretched economy prior the pandemic, have had to lend money to sustain its people and keep the economy going over the past 9 months.

For many of us around the world, we found ourselves restricted in movement, limited in access, and fearing for our lives. Many of us have lost loved ones, friends, and colleagues and we have become fearful of visiting hospitals or doctors’ rooms. Over the past few months, we could not attend religious gatherings or weekly sabbath prayers. It prevented us from celebrating Easter, Ramadan, Eid and now the upcoming Christmas and New Year festivities.

So, all of this has happened in only 9 months. The unseen enemy has entered our lives and have turned it upside down, not even the most powerful in the world was spared. Yet during all this, there were a few unsung selfless heroes who stepped up to the frontlines of battlegrounds for the sake of humanity and to make sure that the infected would be allowed the opportunity to recover. These are the frontline medical staff and emergency services. Our essential staff, though faced with the risk of infection, pressed on with treating those who needed help. Many have fallen and we as society should never forget the great sacrifices which they have made for the sake of society at large.

Though 2020 is a year that many of us would want to forget, it is a year that came with important lessons. It is a year that taught us that no matter how powerful, strong, or advanced we are, there are things in this world which are more powerful, stronger, and far more advanced than us. It took a microscopic virus only 12 months to infiltrate the world and bring life as we know it to a standstill.

With the research and creation of a vaccine which is currently being rolled out in both the United Kingdom and the United States, the future looks bright once again. 2021/22 should see the end of the risks posed by the Coronavirus, lets hope that it also brings a new way of thinking for all of us.

By Abdu-Raof Hanslo

SA Diplomat Abroad News

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