From Mitchell’s Plain to Aeroplane

We chat to Yusuf Daniels about his life story

Yusuf Daniels…From Mitchell’s Plain to Aeroplane

Yesterday we spoke to Yusuf Daniels about his journey to becoming a best-selling author and his upcoming online event called: ‘That Coloured Show’.

Yusuf started out from humble beginnings who grew up in Mitchell’s Plain and only finished high school. His career took him from being a flight attendant to later being an auctioneer and eventually a writer and publisher.

For the past few years Yusuf has become a household name in South Africa due to his best-selling book, Living Coloured. A story that inspired many to excel and further break the barrier and stigma of growing up in an unprivileged society. Just over a year after publishing his first book, be announced the arrival of his second called, Living Lekke, From Mitchell’s Plain to Aeroplane. This is an inspiring book that shows that the sky is the limit when it comes to ambition.

Of late, Yusuf Daniels has launched a business to help and assist upcoming authors and writers. He offers workshops and even assist with the publication of books.

In his own words, he encourages all to dig deep and to not be afraid of putting to paper the journey of one’s life to inspire and give hope to those looking for a brighter future.

Yusuf has also launched an extremely comedic talk show called, That Coloured Show, which will premier live online on Saturday, 5 September 2020 at 19h30. Tickets are available for purchase at R75 via and the subscriber will have 30 days to watch the show.

On the show he has a line-up of well-known South African Artists like Mark Lottering, Solly Philander and many more. From the short preview that we have seen, SA Diplomat Abroad encourages its readers, viewers, listeners, and followers to buy your ticket to this spectacular event and be inspired.

Our interview with Yusuf Daniels was indeed one of the more entertaining as he is known to be one of the more colourful characters from Cape Town.

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By Abdu-Raof Hanslo

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