Celebrity Chef, Jenny Morris battles Covid-19

SADA’s friend and South Africa’s Giggling Gourmet Chef, Jenny Morris is hospitalized with Covid-19

A good friend of SA Diplomat Abroad, the well known and liked ‘Giggling Gourmet Chef’, Jenny Morris has been hospitalised with her husband due to Covid-19 in South Africa.

In October 2019, Jenny and her husband visited Doha on invitation from the South African Embassy to attend and show off her cooking skills at the South African Community in Qatar’s Ubuntu Bash.

Please see our video below about her visit to Doha:

SA Diplomat Abroad had the unrestricted opportunity to follow her around whilst she shopped for ingredients at the local Lulu Supermarket in Doha. Jenny Morris and her husband is regarded as close friends of our channel, and we wish her well and hope that she and her husband recover fully from the dreaded Coronavirus soon.

We ask our subscribers, readers, and viewers to keep Jenny Morris and her husband, David in their thoughts and prayers.

The following is an article which was published in the Sunday Times on 3 July 2021.

One of SA’s most loved chefs, Jenny Morris, has detailed her battle with Covid-19 as she cautioned people not to ignore the symptoms.

“All I had was headache; I’ve always got lower backache and sinus. I only realised afterwards that these were symptoms. People go about their business, and they don’t really feel sick in the beginning and all of sudden it’s like the devil has come out of hell to drag you out.

“My poor husband [David Morris] is still in ICU, we used to sanitise all the time and wear masks, this thing doesn’t care about all that,” she said.

She cautioned the public against taking the new more infectious Delta variant lightly.

“I have lost my dignity because of this Covid, but I haven’t lost my humour. Don’t ignore those symptoms and think you have a common cold. Don’t hide it; it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” said Morris, who is also known as “The Giggling Gourmet”.

“I had my second chest X-ray, but it came out clean. Smokers must stop smoking now and have a strong chest. We all fear the unknown. This is kind of worse because it can go from [bad] to worse at any time. But I don’t have any fear. If I can conquer the sugar levels and high blood, I will be a happy chap again,” she said.

Morris said she was suffering from separation anxiety: “I miss my children, my husband and customers. I miss my life, it’s very isolated here. And I have a grandchild, Alexi, who I miss too,” Morris added.

“Family is so special, life is special and it can change with a blink of an eye. We are all vulnerable.”

Morris said she had lost her appetite. “You can put food in your mouth but it’s just not the same.

“I have no smell. imagine being a chef and not being able to taste. I have to rely on my memory. You should hydrate and eat lots of avocados to keep your body in sync and balanced.”

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