Carrefour Qatar launches South African Products week

His Excellency Ambassador Faizel Moosa, South African Ambassador to Qatar opens the Carrefour South African fresh meat, fruit and vegetable week in Qatar.

HE Ambassador Faizel Moosa today launched the Carrefour, South Africa, fresh meat and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable week. It is the intention to promote South African Agri-processed products into the Qatari market on a sustainable basis. South Africa offers a good quality product at an affordable price.

Qatar is a country remarkably diverse in cultures. The population is made up of 2,8 million people and just over 10% of the population are local national citizens and the rest are from all over the world.

Being a country located in the Arabian Dessert, fresh produce, meat, and agricultural products are mainly imported as the harsh climatic conditions of the Arabian Dessert make it close to impossible to execute a self-sustainability program though Qatar has achieved far more in this sector over the past few years than any of its neighbours.

South Africans have solidly laid its footprint in Qatar, and today a few well-known SA Brands have become part of life in Qatar. A few of these are Nando’s, Butchers Shop & Grill and Ocean Basket. In addition to this, the South African energy company Sasol has also developed a presence in the region.

When one visits Carrefour in Qatar, one would easily find South African meat and fresh produce available on its shelves. Though these products do not last long as it is lapped up quickly by shoppers yearning for South African quality.

The demand for South African product is noticeably clear when big retail groups like Carrefour and others dedicate space and time to promote South African goods. To our fellow South Africans living in Qatar and all our readers in the region, please visit Carrefour over the next week to stock up on your South African goods.

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